Coming soon, we will be providing you with a list of super easy and fast recipes that require minimal ingredients and minimal pots, pans or plates.  In my previous years as an engineer in the construction industry, I've moved over 50 times and know how stressful (and expensive) it can be to order take-out, delivery or to dine out, especially when you can't even find the box holding your pants and underwear.  You're not truly home until you can cook at home and these recipes have been personally selected to help you 'be home' in your new house as quickly as possible.  A simple trio of 'first day' ideas are shown below just to get started.

This compilation of super easy recipes will help it easier to fill your new home with wonderful aromas of  home-cooked comfort foods; exactly what you and your family need.

​Now I have to tell you that I haven't created a single one of these recipes.  I've simply spent lots of time scouring the internet to find them and most of them post credits for their creators right in the recipe file.  And I use them only as a guideline.  Sometimes a recipe will spring an idea or morph itself to fit the ingredients I have on hand.  Make it easier on yourself while turning your new house into your new home.

​Let's start with some very basics that only require a loaf of bread, butter or margarine, mayonnaise, an onion (if desired),  eggs, canned tuna, hot dogs, some cheese, salt, pepper, a frying pan, spatula, some paper plates and utensils (plastic if you can't find your own yet).  After all, this is the first night in your new home and the movers left you with a truckload of boxes and you're overwhelmed and can't find anything yet.  I get it......been there and done that and have a drawer full of the t-shirts.


Breakfast ~ Egg-in-a-Hole.pdf


Grilled Cheese ~ Grilled Hot Dog-Cheese.pdf


Tuna ~ Tuna Melt (2).pdf

To me, home isn't home until you've cooked your first meal in your new kitchen.  And these super simple meals for the first day provide you and your family a sense of home while also providing them with a high protein diet to keep their energy levels up.  After all, I guarantee you still have dozens if not hundreds of boxes to unpack.  Am I right?

Make Your New House a New Home With These Easy, Fast and Comfortable Recipes.... 

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